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John Wang
December 13 09:02

Intel is spreading to Indian businesses

Tech giant and MSME are modernizing the industries
Intel and Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprise of India are launching a program to spread tech to local businesses. The project is supposed to facilitate the adoption of complex tech and programs. 
According to the nationwide survey, conducted by the MSME, about 34% of entrepreneurs and managers are using digital using digital means of communication with their clients, partners and employees. Yet only 7% have fully adopted digital programs and SaaS-solutions. 
When asked about their reasons, most cited lack of knowledge and understanding of tech’s pragmatic advantages. Some also admitted, that they need additional guidance in implementing the latest tech.
Intel and MSME’s program aims at facilitating the use and alleviating the costs of progressive tech’s adaption. “Today for any business to take it to the next level, technology is of prime importance," said the MSME’s Joint Secretary Alka Arora.