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John Wang
December 12 18:25

Threats and insults no longer fly on YouTube

Platform fights against veiled harassment
YouTube has released an update on its content policy. The platform is going to take more action on any types of harassments.
The new limitations are aimed at offensive content. Veiled threats and insults will be treated in the same way as the direct ones. The videos with “hidden” harassment will be blocked , and their creators will lose their partnership program - the ability to monetize videos. Repeated infringements may lead to full suspension of the account. New policy will primarily pursue the elimination of calls to violence and humiliation. Negative racial, gender and sexuality comments also won’t be tolerated.
The YouTube blog post specifies, that comedy and satirical content will be exempt from these limitations, or, at least, will be treated differently. How exactly will comedy be separated from real harassment remains unknown.
In Q3 of 2019 YouTube has removed about 16 million of offensive comments. This number is likely to rise with new rules in effect.