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Felicia Tan
December 12 12:16

Facebook contractor has been restoring blocked accounts with unscrupulous advertising for bribes

He charged a substantial fee for this service
BuzzFeed News found out that one of Facebook's contractors in Austin was restoring the employers' accounts blocked for violating social network rules. 
The correspondence described a deal between a Facebook contractor named Ryan and Usher Berk, CEO of a major marketing company Ads Inc. The transaction took place in the summer of 2018. The company's advertising forced social media users to subscribe to a trial version of the product and then signed up them for a long-term, expensive subscription. It was extremely difficult to cancel the subscription. As a result, each user suffered about US$100 in losses. 
It was agreed between Ryan and Berk that the former helps the latter to restore blocked accounts. He did it with the help of "a tool that not everyone has access to". In addition, he said he was able to restore 59 accounts, each with a connection to Berg's company. In case it was revealed, Ryan explained that he would be able to say that he was not aware of any problems with these accounts.
Berk had to pay Ryan US$5000 for this service. He also had to pay US$3000 a month for three months in case the accounts were not blocked again within three weeks. Former Ads Ink's employees said that the company had several of such individuals ready to restore blocked accounts for a fee.  
Following the publication of the BuzzFeed investigation in October 2019, the company announced its closure. Facebook conducted its own internal investigation and dismissed the contractor. The social network refused to comment on this issue, but stated that the investigation is still ongoing.