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Dandar Woo
December 12 10:22

Singapore and Malaysia fall in English proficiency

Singapore and Malaysia sank a few positions on 2019 Education First English Proficiency Index (EF)
Education First English Proficiency Index (EF) determines the level of English in non-English speaking countries. In 2019 ranking, Singapore dropped from 3rd to 5th position, while Malaysia dropped from 22nd to 26th position, reveals the EF Test with results of 2.3 million people from 100 nations.
The Dutch took the first position; Swedish, Norwegian and Danish nations came behind. Countries in Europe had the highest ranking level of English, meanwhile the Middle Eastern nations had the lowest.
Gen Y cohort aged 26-30 turned out to possess the best English skills among all other age cohorts.
The report’ results indicate that in more than half of all Asian nations, English level has declined in 2019, in spite of large investments made in English education. However, Singapore maintained its first position for best English skills across Asia, followed by Philippine, Malaysian, HK and Indian nations.
English skills level had the direct correlation with earnings in non-English speaking countries, EF report claims. Nations with high-ranking English levels as well had a better HCI, which shows the degree of economic and professional potential realization of citizens.
The EF report as well states the top 5 areas with the best language speakers are pharmaceuticals, economics, technology, telecommunications and consulting. The 5 lowest English level industries turned out to be sales, construction, logistics, education, and the public sector.