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John Wang
December 11 17:00

Velocopter's air tax gets approval in Europe

The multicopters are taking off
Velocopter has acquired a Design Organisation Approval from European Aviation Safety Agency. The permit lets their product - air taxi - enter the market earlier. 
It also means that Volocopter will be able to significantly speed up its development process, since it now needs to pass fewer stages to get commercial certification. The Agency will still be surveilling the company as a whole,. But the institution’s involvement will be less noticeable. It is the first VTOL to receive the AGency’s approval.
The German company’s primary product is VoloCity - the multicopter, able to transport up to two persons and cargo up to 160 kilograms. It can fly for up to 35 kilometers and develop the sped of up to 110 kmph. The multicopter can also take off, fly and land fully automoatically. 
The machine’s first test has been carried out in 2013. In 2016 it took its first passenger in the air.