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Felicia Tan
December 11 12:32

Avast antivirus developer is selling data about users' Internet activity

According to Forbes, since 2013 the company has been collecting data about its users: their habits and requests on the Internet and then sell them to other companies
 Avast's CEO Ondrej Vlcek's noted that confidential data remains hidden, only impersonal data is received by third parties. He paid special attention to the fact that no personal data of users is provided to advertisers. Such data exchange is comparable to medical research based on anonymous patient information.
Jumpshot analyzes all the data that comes already anonymized to the server and then sells it. This company was acquired by Avast in 2013. Their website provides information that professionals are able to share users and their requests, sorted by country, category or domain.
The head of Avast said that the sale of information about the online habits of their users makes up about 5% of the company's revenue, which amounted to $430 million for the first 6 months of 2019.
Forbes specifies that the information it sells can be useful, for example, the habits of Internet users will help the work of advertising companies. 
Earlier this month, one of the developers of the Adblock Plus antivirus Vladimir Palant wrote in his blog: he told Google, Mozilla and Opera about possible privacy issues with Avast. In response, the last two companies removed some extensions from Avast.