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Ilya St
December 9 13:38

Snapchat Cameo edits your face into videos

Snapchat prepares to launch a new function
The faces of people in the video users will be able to replace with their selfies. Cameos will become a new alternative to Bitmoji, with which you can convey your reactions and emotions in Snapchat messages. 
One of the enthusiasts of Snap said that the test version has already been tried out by some French users. Essentially, Snapchat Cameo is a new and easier way to integrate the user into GIF files. The company itself confirmed to TechCrunch that the feature is under development and is already being tested by some users: "Cameos aren't ready to take the stage yet, but stay tuned for their global debut soon!”
By making selfies, Snapchat will know what you look like and let you ins ert your face in to the video. The program itself has prepared a lot of ready-made videos in which you can replace the actor's face with your own selfies and then send it to the chat. The camera itself is located inside the Bitmoji button on the keyboard. 
The new feature should allow the messenger to remain popular. Especially with the great success of Instagram and WhatsApp. Despite all the positive aspects, Snap can become a copy of the Chinese social application Zao, which can result in numerous accusations. Though similar function many years ago has started JibJab. We all remember how it was possible to glue your face to the dancing elves. 
Cameo can help the messenger to develop advertising inside social games. Monetization is just beginning at Snapchat, selling sponsored Cameo branded clips to advertisers can help with that.
The introduction of this new feature can be the subject of online misinformation, as users will be able to make fake videos. However, only the harmless use of the function for fun and exchange of funny clips is envisaged.