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John Wang
December 5 18:24

Huawei is suing another US institution

The company's legal battles in America continue
Huawei is now suing the Federal Communications Commission. The company is asking the court to overturn an impending ban on carriers from using Universal Service Fund’s money to buy Huawei and ZTE tech.
The US$8.5 billion fr om the fund were supposed to support the purchase of all things necessary to install a modern communications network. The project is especially important for rural communities, wh ere the connectivity is generally poorer. But the new package of sanctions might cut the funding and cancel the inflow of equipment.
“The order fails to give Huawei constitutionally required due process before stigmatizing it as a national security threat, such as an opportunity to confront supposed evidence and witnesses and a fair and neutral hearing process” - said the company’s lead counsel for the lawsuit Glen Nager.
This is not the first time that Huawei addresses the US Constitution. In March the company addressed the fundamental rights in a different lawsuit against US government - they claimed, that a ban of Huawei’s products violates due process.