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Jo Smith Medina
December 5 18:16

My Huawei Experience

How I became a Huawei fan
Everybody knows both my Thai and Non-Thai friends how I support and campaign for all the products of Huawei. Others think, I am working as Huawei Marketing or even Business Development Officer, however, believe it or not, I support Huawei because of its high technological innovation, that must be experienced by everyone. I have been using this brand for only 10 months but I really fell in love on this brand.
How I became a Huawei user? 
When I was still in the Philippines, I first encountered Huawei during the P10 launching, but I was so much focused on the other brands because of social pressure to have this particular brand.
Then, when I finally settled in Thailand, I have been seeing many people using Huawei than other brands. But it did not really sink in my mind to purchase the phone.  Then I became more curious about Huawei when two of my housemates from Finland ,Ms. Elana and Ireland Ms. Hazel were using Huawei. I asked them, why don’t they use other brands , they told me that in Europe, Huawei is so popular and the camera is amazing.
Then, when I moved to Bangkok already, I have decided to travel in Pattaya City and visited my telecom provider shop there ,  where I have decided to purchase my Huawei Nova 3i, it was offered to me by my network provider and after testing their demo unit, I decided to try Huawei.
At first, I was so much impressed on its price because It was so affordable and yet the processor, the materials and its Cameras impressed me a lot. I started to innovate the phone and learned that it has much to offer. But what made me fell in love on this phone was the Camera. Then, I started to post my Huawei pictures and everybody thought I was only editing it on Adobe Photoshop or getting the photos of other professional photographers, but I told them, I just used Huawei phone. Because I was irritated that I was being accused of using Adobe or other cameras, I started to use the Watermark.
Then, I purchased my second Nova phone which is Nova 5T which gives me the best mid-range price but the technology inside is flagship. I started to use its camera, and it has really impressed me to post it in my social media.
Until, I always market the phone and many are asking me both my Thai and Non-thai friends to join them to purchase Huawei , I even campaigned this not only in Thailand but in Singapore , the Philippines, my friends overseas and then I have been getting inquiries fr om my facebook messenger , those consumers from Malaysia, Laos, etc , regarding Huawei. Then, I become so happy whenever, my friends thank me for introducing Huawei.   I joined them to buy and help them decide what Huawei product they need to purchase and there was a time wh ere I travelled to Singapore just to tell about Huawei phone and she finally became an avid fan of Huawei.
Huawei offers professional Camera
Yes, if we purchase a phone, we really check the cameras. Most of the consumers, who do not have technical jargons background, do not care about processor, RAM or ROM.
Huawei camera impresses me a lot.
You do not need to become a professional photographer to have high quality photos. Because Huawei has professional cameras installed inside especially the P series and Mate series which use the LEICA camera.
Well, I use Nova series right now, and if you will see my shots, still they look so professionally done. But in reality, I just used the Huawei 5T Quad -camera.