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Felicia Tan
December 5 11:43

Instagram has introduced an age limit of 13+ for registration on the social network

The representative of Instagram informed the portal about the introduction of age limit on registration on the social network
Now only users over 13 years old will have an opportunity to create their own account in Instagram. When registering, each user will have to specify his or her own age. Other users will not know how old you are.
It will be much easier to register if you link your Facebook page to your account. Then the age specified in the social network will be automatically added to Instagram. If you change the date of birth on Facebook, it will automatically change in Instagram.
The press service of Instagram noted: "Historically, Instagram did not require people to specify their age, because the company wanted Instagram to remain a place where everyone can express themselves. Taking this into account, the social network will not show information about birthdays to other users of the platform".
In addition, the social network plans to introduce a few more innovations to protect its young users. One of the possible innovations may be the expansion of privacy settings. And in the nearest future on Instagram Direct there will be a possibility to prohibit sending messages from users you are not subscribed to.