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Felicia Tan
December 5 12:39

YouTube warns creators of the possible decrease in the number of subscribers due to mass deletion of closed accounts

YouTube has warned channel owners on the platform that the number of subscribers may suddenly decrease
This may be due to the company's intention to remove all closed accounts, such as accounts blocked for inappropriate content by the platform or accounts that were blocked by the users themselves. Such measures are routinely carried out on a planned basis. Except for the reduction in the number of subscribers, there will be no impact on the statistics of viewing the channel. 
You will be able to find out if you have been affected by such cleaning in your YouTube Analytics account for the period from December 3 to 4. If you click on the "See More" button in the menu and select "Closed Accounts" in the "Subscription Source" section, you will be able to see the exact number of closed accounts that have been subscribed to your channel and deleted by the platform. 
The authors themselves do not usually do this kind of cleaning, because the number of subscribers depends on their ability to monetize and use its various tools. In addition, this indicator determines whether the channel can join the YouTube Affiliate Program (YPP). This can have a particularly negative impact on small creators who are only approaching the threshold of 1000 subscribers. 
Platform activists are concerned that accounts will be cleaned up and deleted without any analysis, they are actively warning their subscribers about this. 
Such purges have been carried out more than once by YouTube. Particularly memorable was the situation when in December last year the platform also warned its users about such cleaning, which led to the removal of a large number of users. 
The data on how many subscribers lose channels during cleaning varies greatly. Some say they have lost only a few subscribers, while others claim they have lost a thousand.