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John Wang
December 4 19:43

Genius is suing Google for US$50 million

The battle for song lyrics begins
Genius has filed a lawsuit against Google. The musical lyrics service is accusing the search giant of copyright infringement and anticompetitive and is demanding $50 million in compensation.
The conflict goes back to 2017. Then the service first stated, that Google is “stealing” their traffic by displaying the contents of their publications in search results. This way many users do not have to actually go to the website, which is, obviously, not good for a web platform. Now Genius alleges, that Google is continuing to “exploit content misappropriated from Genius’s website”.
There is a factor, that makes the lawsuit especially complex. Neither Google nor Genius owns the copyright to the actual song lyrics that they publish. The companies just license the right to display lyrics. However, the Genius’s position might be slightly strengthened by the fact, that this is their core business and that they are putting in time and money into creating the content.