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Riku Tanaka
December 4 20:29

Huawei created its first smartphone without American components following a conflict with US authorities

No Google services.
The smartphone Huawei Mate 30 does not contain American components, according to experts from the Japanese tech-lab Fomalhaut Techno Solutions.
Previously, the American companies Qorvo, Skyworks, Woburn and Mass supplied chips that allowed Huawei smartphones to connect to radio towers. Broadcom supplied the mobile phone manufacturer with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi chips and Cirrus Logic with audio chips. It is worthwhile to note, production was not always based in the USA, writes the Wall Street Journal.
A Huawei representative has also told the publication that the company would prefer to continue cooperation with its American partners, but if this is not possible due to the US government restrictions, the smartphone manufacturer will have to look for alternative suppliers.
In the summer of 2019, US regulators blacklisted Huawei and banned the company from purchasing software and components used in smartphone production from American suppliers. The ban will put into force on February 16th, 2020, but Huawei has already started to produce some smartphones without American-made parts - for example, the Y9 Prime and Mate lines.
The company has also begun developing an ecosystem of its own services. In September of 2019, Huawei introduced its first smartphone without Google services - the Mate 30.