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John Wang
December 4 09:37

Huawei is moving its US research center to Canada

Sanctions keep pressuring the company 
In his interview for Toronto’s Global and Mail Huwei CEO Ren Zhengfei announced that the company will move its American research center to Canada. The decision comes after a new package of US stations.
The founder of Chinese tech giant stated, that the move is necessary. Otherwise the company would effectively cut off from its US employees. Earlier this year the company cut about 600 jobs in its Silicon Valley R&D facility. There are still 250 employees left.
Soon, however, Huawei will not be able to communicate with its workforce in US. Latest sanctions gave the company 90-day reprieve on certain sales - afterwards the ban of distribution of american components and tech comes into full effect. The situation threatens the global company’s operations, especially the smartphones production.