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Felicia Tan
December 3 10:30

Twitter intends to protect its users' data by launching the Twitter Privacy Center

A new resource from Twitter has been launched. A special center for concentration of all confidentiality and data protection of the service and its users - Twitter Privacy Center
For a long time now, the company has been planning to create a separate resource that could inform users about what measures Twitter takes in this area. The source will be located on a separate website, which will inform everyone about the company's security activities and new developments related to privacy protection. 
Placing such information on a simple and accessible resource will facilitate access to its users and partners, combining materials for both categories. 
A separate section is dedicated to the privacy policy and Twitter conditions. Expansion and updating of the company's policy will allow the company to test new features of the service, which can be added to the work. In addition, now the intellectual property license allows to convert and translate content of other users via Twitter. The new changes also concern the processing of user data, as well as their exchange between developers. 
Twitter's statement also focused on history of the company's privacy policy. Since 2006, when the service itself was created, Twitter has focused on this aspect. The most important point is to give users the opportunity to remain anonymous on the platform, which is achieved with due regard for confidentiality. 
Further development in the field of data protection of its users Twitter plans to focus on several areas: firstly, the correction of the technical debt of the company by upgrading the old equipment, secondly, the development of privacy for all running products, finally, maintaining a transparent and competent reporting. 
At the moment, each new product of the company is subject to mandatory verification for compliance with the requirements of information security data. The quarterly assessment of all the work will be carried out by Twitter's data protection officer Damien Kieran. 
"It's so common to hear tech companies say: 'Privacy is not a privilege; it is a fundamental right' that those words have become a cliche. People have become desensitized to hearing companies say, 'we value your privacy,' and are worn out from being asked to accept privacy policies that they rarely, if ever, even read," read Twitter's announcement about the launch of the new Twitter Privacy Center, jointly authored by both Kieran and Twitter Product Lead, Kayvon Beykpour.
"Many companies make these declarations without even showing people what actions they are taking to protect their privacy. And let's be honest, we have room for improvement, too," it stated.