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Felicia Tan
December 3 09:48

AWS launches its own quantum computing service - Braket

Only AWS hasn't made any claims about itself 
In recent months, such giants as Google, Microsoft, IBM and others have loudly announced their own developments in quantum computing. Today, the situation has changed when the company presented an opportunity to get acquainted with the new quantum computing service, which was called Braket.
The new system involves working with D-Wave, IonQ and Rigetti to provide access to their own clouds instead of creating their own quantum computer. In addition, AM plans to launch the Center for Quantum Computing and Quantum Solutions Lab. The new development of Braket is a smart step by AWS as it will allow it to build quantum algorithms and then simulate them on the company's and Its partners' equipment, providing wide coverage. All of this will reduce the company's costs by eliminating the need to create a quantum computer. Ease of the whole process is achieved by ensuring that all researchers have access to a single interface with all the necessary tools.
In addition, the company provides easy access to the quantum computers of other companies with which it works, while freeing up space in its data centres. The company offers a dedicated Jupyter laptop environment and many installed tools arid training programs to help its users understand and begin working with quantum algorithms. The ability to collaborate in a completely new technology area is reached by AWS through the creation of its Solutions Lab. With its new Solution Labo AWS will  provide researchers with the opportunity to collaborate on this new technology.
Another area of work for AWS will be a series of long-term studies, but the focus will still be on providing developers with access to the nelAI technology.