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John Wang
November 30 20:24

Hacked Netflix accounts are on sale

A number of former Netflix users notice a renewal of subscription yet no access given
A number of former Netflix users complained, that their cancelled subscription has suddenly been renewed, but they could not access their accounts. It later became known, that their accounts were hacked and resold.
Hackers changed the passwords and logins, but did not steal the banking details. Nor did they need to – Netflix keeps the user data for 10 months after they cancel their subscription – to facilitate the resigning in case the user returns to the platform. So it was enough for criminals to get into accounts to reactivate them and change the user details.
Then the hackers put the accounts on sale on eBay. Accounts with Premium-level subscription go for $4.99. Official Netflix price is $11.99. eBay announced, that the offers for hacked accounts will be deleted. Netflix urged the users to contact customer service at the first sign of suspicious activity.