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Riku Tanaka
November 26 16:53

Facebook launches survey app in US that pays users for their answers

The app ‘Viewpoints’ collects personal data, but the company promises not to sell or publish it without users’ permission
Facebook introduced the app Viewpoints where users can receive cash rewards for completing surveys and various other tasks. So far, the service is only available in the US, but the company plans to launch the app in other countries sometime in 2020.
Only users that have reached the age of 18 or older are allowed to use the service. To participate in the surveys, the user must connect his or her Facebook account to the Viewpoints app. The system will also ask for a username, email address, country of residence, date of birth and gender, and in some cases actual location.
The company promised not to sell users’ information to third parties and or publish it without the users’ permission. Facebook said that they have created the application in order to “improve their products” and “reduce the negative impact of social networks,” but Viewpoints can be used to solve other problems as well.
Before a user starts each survey, the company displays a message that discloses how the collected information will be used. For participation, users will receive in-app points that can be exchanged for money that is transferred to a PayPal account when the user reaches a certain number of points.