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John Wang
November 25 15:57

Instagram is transferring its functions to Messenger

Instagram feature might appear very soon
Facebook might be planning to transfer some of Instagram’s functions to Messenger, namely the “Close Friends” feature. 
The function gives users the option to share a specific piece of content to a limited group of followers. According to the Instagram team. the feature is meant for sharing the very personal moments and ideas.
Recently the renowned tester Jane Manchun Wong uncovered a similar function in Messenger. It is currently called “Favorites”  and will most likely let users share message and media to a select group of contacts.The company’s representative has confirmed, that Wong’s discovery is actually a work-in-progress, but it does not necessarily represent the final product. 
“Favorites” seems to be a part of general Facebook’s effort to encourage micro-sharing. This way the platform hopes to tackle the users displeasure with over-posting and being disoriented with too much content.