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John Wang
November 22 20:19

Digital-only grill comes to the University of Pittsburgh

The new location will be kiosk only
About a third of millennials pre-order their food via smartphones, and over 60% wish that restaurants would use technology more often. to make ordering and paying easier and faster. So it makes sense for Moe’s Southwest Grill franchise to test their all-digital location near a university campus.
New location is situated near the University of Pittsburgh. The kiosks will accept cash, card payments and Apple Pay. The visitors can choose take-out or eat their meals on the spot the location has seats for 15 people. 
The focus on “digitalized” restaurants is even more logical, when taken in context with other the success of other companies. For instance, Chipotle actively adopted digital sales - now they make up for around 18% of their business. Moe’s own restaurant owner Mike Geiger launched a mobile/pick-up only service in one of his location - and the online sales grew by 346%.