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Felicia Tan
November 22 08:37

Facebook Dating can now use Instagram and Facebook stories

One of the most popular Facebook functions, Facebook Dating, has the ability to access the user's content of the social network itself, as well as their content on Instagram, which will greatly enhance the capabilities of this application
From now on, Facebook Dating allows users to add their own stories from their Facebook or Instagram pages. This option will allow sharing the moments of their daily life.
 The advantage of the new feature is that in contrast to standard profile photos, the stories that will be shown to other daters are about user's leisure time, hobbies and interests. In addition, in stories you can see the real figure of a person and compare it with the representation in photos.
Users can choose which Facebook or Instagram stories to publish in the application. Blocked users will not have access to the stories. You can also complain about inappropriate content in other people's stories. It is worth considering the fact that stories on Facebook Dating can not be used as a way of video dating or presentation. Published stories will be automatically copied to accounts on Facebook and Instagram, so all friends in these social networks will be able to see them.
 Facebook Dating stories are a convenient tool to get to know the activities of the people you want to meet. They will also help you to find topics to start a dialogue and talk about.
The new story publishing feature will be another advantage of Facebook Dating over competitors such as Tinder or Bumble, even if they introduce their own story publishing features. Until now, no dating app has brought forward ideas for presenting the daily lives of its users.
Stories integration is already launched by Facebook Dating, which is available in 20 countries. By early 2020, Facebook plans to launch the service in Europe. The number of users of this dating service is not specified.