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Felicia Tan
November 22 10:00

A new radical feature on Twitter is available to users

This is one of the biggest changes in Twitter since the introduction of Retweet. Feature is now available to all users on iOS, Android, Twitter Lite and
Still no reply can be removed from Twitter but users can now hide selected responses from others. Apparently, this will reduce the number of offensive and irrelevant comments on the social network. Twitter believes that such options will allow the development of a more civilized Internet, as it will not make sense to write negative comments, because they will still be hidden.
Opponents of this innovation are sure that the new function can become a tool to suppress any disagreement with the position of the user. Such a tool will not provide a way for constructive criticism. 
Initial testng of the new function was held in July this year, first in Canada, then in September in the U.S. and Japan. It was found that the most hidden answers were irrelevant or irritable. 27% of Canadian users surveyed who were faced with hiding their own responses indicated that they would review their own interactions with other users in the future.
After the test launch, a number of deficiencies were identified and corrected before the official release. One of the most significant problems was the icon indicating the presence of hidden answers in the post. Some users are worried that they will be retaliated against for hiding their answers, especially by people who troll. No changes have been made in this direction so far, but Twitter is actively working to resolve this problem.
In addition to launching the function around the world, the company intends to release a new hide replies endpoint in its API, which will allow developers to create new tools to manage conversations.
"Everyone should feel safe and comfortable while talking on Twitter," writes Suzanne Xie, Twitter's Director of Product Management. "To make this happen, we need to change how conversations work on our service," she says.
Twitter's policy is to develop courtesy on the platform. Company is conducting a lot of experiments and is ready to develop new functions. For this purpose beta-product (twttr) was also launched. It is the product that will help to test new sets of functions.