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Dandar Woo
November 21 17:42

Google Cloud reveals its new service

This service will be used by companies in order to run their custom workloads on authenticated machines that are allocated in Google Cloud objects. The key workload types appropriate for this customization are databases, Google notes, and others
Google Cloud published details of Bare Metal Solution. 
The new integrated service has entirely controllable hardware structure. It comprises servers and other gear such as energy and cooling systems; Google servers process support agreements with Google Cloud and billing. The customer is responsible for running the software on these machines.
However, the general purpose of BMS is to simplify companies’ process of workloads migration to the cloud and to access and retrieve data from it.
“The migration process frequently need special equipment and complex licensing and support contracts,” Google’s spokesman clarifies. “BMS allows customer to upgrade his application structure, at the same time keeping his present investment and architecture. The user is able to transfer his custom data to Google Cloud, which lets him gain access and integrate with necessary services with minimum delays. ”
Since the service is linked with Google Cloud, therefore no extra fee is applied for data that shifts inter Bare Metal Solution and the tech giant's cloud service.
Authenticated servers for the service work with a big number of platforms and vary from 16-core 384 GB RAM to 112-core 3072 GB RAM  systems.