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Riku Tanaka
November 19 16:00

The extinction of traditional marketing, inspirational influencer campaigns and an emotional dragon

Traditional marketing is on the cusp of extinction: is your brand ready for what comes next?
In recent years, social media marketing has increasingly popular, and yet many brands believe that they can apply outdated marketing strategies in this new environment. While classic marketing focuses on one-to-many forms of informational broadcasting, today's advertising is dominated primarily by social networks, which implements one-to-one communication.
In the marketing world of today, a poplar YouTuber or Instagram influencer may have a greater level of impact and involvement than some of the biggest names in global advertising. The reason for this shift is that social networks users crave human connection and ordinary communication. However, marketers do not need to worry about the absolute annihilation of traditional advertising; they just need to take a step towards the humanization of their brand. This includes doing the following:
• Creating content for social networks that appears as though it written and published by a person, not a corporation.
• Demonstrating your brand’s identity by showing relatable stories about the company’s employees as well as the customers who took part in shaping your brand.
• Communication with the customers on social networks, and not just “spamming” the like button on users’ comments.
• Instead of hiring brand advocates, creating organic promotion through customers and employees.
• Concentrating on small details that can bring larger returns, for example, creating an exclusive group to attract your brand’s megafans.
4 inspirational examples of successful influencer campaigns
The days of TV marketing are far behind us, and are no longer have the same power as the days of a blossoming internet culture. We are now faced with a new era of advertising, in which social media influencers adopt and reinvent traditional marketing strategies and tools. If top brands are willing to shell out thousands of dollars for a social media personality to just mention their brand, then they have to be doing something right. The following are four successful marketing campaigns that took advantage of social media and internet culture:
1. Diageo: My whiskey stories
No one could have predicted that 45-minute video with that portrayed actor Nick Offerman sitting in a chair by a fireplace, silently staring at the camera and sipping whiskey once in a while would become viral. Diageo, an alcoholic beverage manufacturer, believed in this idea and they were tight. The video is addictive because the viewer expects something to eventually happen, but nothing ever does. The campaign was considered so creative and addictive that it even won the award for best ad in the field of influencer marketing.
2. Tom's of Maine
Tom's of Maine, a manufacturer of personal care products, bet on the age-old adage of quality over quantity when they launched their marketing campaign. They set out to creating an campaign targeted to health-cognizant  consumers. The company implemented micro-influencers who did not have a huge following, but the followers they did have were 100 percent aligned with brand’s target audience. As a result, about 4.4 million viewers were attracted in only the first few months of the ad campaign.
3. H&M
Currently, H&M is a brand with one of the largest amounts of Instagram followers and it’s all thanks to a well thought-out advertising campaign. In one of the latest H&M marketing campaigns, the brand turned to Julie Sarinan (fashion blogger with over 5 million Instagram followers) and Ele Velden (model with 1.4 million followers). The success of the campaign stemmed from the fact that the influencers personally liked the brand, so their recommendations were sincere. As a result, the marketing campaign did not seem intrusive or annoying.
4.FIji Water
A healthy lifestyle is what drives profits for thousands of modern brands. Fiji water turned to Instagram star Danielle Bernstein (2.2 million subscribers) to promote their product. Danielle is a fashion blogger, so the target audience was clearly defined: women who want to have a beautiful body and lead a healthy lifestyle. Together with the Bernstein, they created an advertising campaign in which the influencer pushed the brand in an unobtrusive way. Sometimes she posted on Instagram or appeared in public with a bottle of Fiji water in her hands. This marketing technique was truly effective.
Emotional Edgar from John Lewis
This year, Christmas will be a tough time for retailers as shoppers restrain spending amid economic and political uncertainty. John Lewis department store chain hopes an emotional little dragon named Edgar to add some warmth this Christmas and has presented its first holiday advertisement. Because of his affectability, the dragon Edgar accidentally sets fire to everything around him. The villagers began to fear him, which made him very upset. However, the story has a happy ending. Edgar uses his fiery breath to light the Christmas pudding for the village’s celebration. The retailer also hopes to make money on Edgar merchandise, including a toy in Edgar’s image for £15, a children's book and pajamas.