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Ilya St
November 13 10:45

Facebook launches its own payment service

The payment service will be available for users on Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger and Facebook itself
Facebook Introduced its new service – Facebook Pay. 
Facebook Pay launched on November 12 in USA. Users are able to transfer funds to their friends, pay for goods and delivery on the Marketplace section, buy tickets, collect and give donations and make integrated payments in games and apps. Option to view payment history and check the payment security are also available. Users can also get real-time customer support.
 Currently the service supports credit cards, Paypal and Stripe’s wallets. In the future users will also be able to pay with Libra – a cryptocurrency, currently being created by Facebook. It is yet unclear if the service has any kind of commission. 
Facebook Pay will also become available in other countries. No specific dates or deadlines were announced. According to Debra Lu – company’s VP – Facebook pay is a part of the effort to create better and safer trading for users.