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Ilya St
November 12 21:12

Twitter is launching "Topics"

Twitter is launching a new major function for the whole platform. It is called “Topics” and is supposed to make users' discussions more extensive
Users will be able to search for specific subjects – be it sports teams, space programs or celebrity news – and subscribe to it. The system will aggregate the top tweets on a topic from various sources. The platform will also suggest possible interesting subjects based on often mentioned themes in user’s account or searched hashtags. The followed topics will be displayed in user’s details, which is supposed to facilitate the search for new discussions.
Users will also be able to mute Topics. Whether this will censor out any mention of the muted subject from their feed remains unclear.
Topics already launched on the Twitter iOS app and will arrive on Android and Web versions on November 13. At first Topics will not support the political and other sensitive subjects. Twitter might integrate them separately, if the function proves successful.