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Ilya St
November 8 11:58

Curve added Google pay

Just as news died down of Curve announcing its support of Samsung Pay, the banking platform has just added Google Pay.
Curve is a London-based banking system that allows its users to consolidate all of their MasterCard and Visa credit and debit bank cards into a one: the Curve Card. The new addition will allow Android users to now pay with a NFC-enabled phone or smart watch anywhere that Google Pay is accepted and the payment will go through the Curve Card. Apple Pay has yet to hop on the Curve card bandwagon.
Aside from allowing Curve users to pay with their phones, the integration also means that any MasterCard or Visa bank card that is connected to Curve can now use Google Pay as well, even if it couldn’t before. This includes banks that haven’t had a chance to integrate with the tech giant, or ones that have opted out intentionally, such as Virgin or Barclays.
As a cherry on top, customers who integrate their Curve cards with Google Pay will also be able to spend more than the usual limit that is imposed on contactless payment systems. They will also enjoy the regular benefits provided when using Google Pay, such a unified log-in for all cards and paying for apps or other online transactions using the Google log-in.
“We are delighted to announce Curve’s integration with Google Pay,” said Diego Rivas, Curve’s head of Product, OS, in a statement. “Curve is still an excellent way of consolidating all your cards in one and its integration with Google Pay enables even more ways to pay if you don’t have your physical card handy. By combining the Google Pay experience with Curve’s unique all your cards in one and money management features, Curve customers get to experience one of the most rewarding and feature packed personal finance products on the market.”