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Felicia Tan
November 7 16:11

VW might share autonomous car systems production to cut down costs

Volkswagen AG is open to collaborate on future autonomous car systems with other producers. The German company is looking to catch up in advanced and innovative technologies that can change how humans and goods move, stated the head of VW
Cooperative projects can help distribute expenses in a better way, noted Alexander Hitzinger, Volkswagen senior VP of autonomous driving. “Our company as well needs to overtake in certain areas, but we are not being outrun too much”.
Volkswagen’s robotic vehicle development attempts span over 10 years when tests were conducted by the DARPA in the United States. However, more productive and faster competitors managed to get ahead at that time. The cumbersome corporate structure of VW - with projects and operations dispersed across 12 automobile brands and 122 factories around the world – resulted in slow and fragmented development.Hitzinger joined the German automotive group after holding key engineering positions at Porsche motorsports and Apple previously. He now manages Volkswagen Autonomy GmbH, a recently founded division which works toward more efficient project integration.The new unit will have offices in Germany, Silicon Valley and China to engage the best specialists and elaborate highly automated level 4 driving systems. The new technologies will be expanded for commercial production starting in 2025.