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Felicia Tan
November 7 11:29

Heinz and Unilever running damage control for ads on Pornhub

Two giant consumer goods manufacturers, or rather their reputations, are taking heavy fire after walking onto a rake by running advertising campaigns on Pornhub
The companies in question are Kraft Heinz, an American company with over 20 global food brands under its belt, and Unilever, a British-Dutch consumer goods mammoth, which owns world-famous brands like Dove, Axe, Domestos, and countless others.
Kraft Heinz, decided to promote Devour, a ready-made frozen meals brand, on the adult site earlier this year which run the hash tag #FoodPorn as part of its campaign, which has gained increasing popularity on Instagram this year.
Unilever’s Dollar Shave Club brand also ran a campaign on the adult website, which featured edgy ads and clever ads that claimed to be “an ecape hatch” for the site’s users in case anyone walked in on them. Dollar Shame Club is an American personal grooming startup that Unilever bought for a reported $1 billion back in 2016. 
In May of 2019, Mat Knapp, Dollar Shave Club’s creative director gave an interview to advertising journal Mi3, where he addressed the ad campaign by saying that although the campaign wasn’t expensive, it impressions and exposure can be “huge”. He went on to say that since the company’s target audience is mainly male, the campaign was part of a strategy to be “where guys are going to be.” 
Although when Unilever was asked about the campaign by UK’s Sunday Times, the company claimed they had no knowledge of it, saying in an e-mail statement that Dollar Shave Club had marketing independence as part of agreement when the company was acquired. The spokeswoman went on to describe the campaign as “deeply troubling” adding that the company will take measures to ensure that none of their brands, including Dollar Shave Club, advertise on the Pornhub or any other porn site.
Pornhub has been slowly gaining legitimacy over the last few years, but despite their efforts to become a respectable adult video hosting platform, the site is unlikely to align with the “wholesome” values of retail giants such as Unilever or Kraft Heinz. Besides the natural scrutiny that comes with being an erotic website, the company also faces criticism from campaigners such as The Internet Watch Foundation and the group #NotYourPorn, who allege that the site features illegal content. 
The Internet Watch Foundation, for example, claims that it has found 29 examples of child sexual abuse in 2017 and 42 cases in 2018, with the counter reaching 47 so far this year. Meanwhile #NotYourPorn claims to have found many videos of “revenge porn”, or videos that were filmed without the knowledge or consent of all parties.
Pornhub has responded to the criticism by explaining that illegal content takes up an incredibly small fraction of the site’s content and that the company is working on eliminating it entirely. 
Source: RT