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Felicia Tan
November 6 17:52

Facebook: partnered developers can possibly abuse user data

Facebook reported earlier this week that about 100 software developer partners can possibly abuse user data, including the names, their activity and profiles information from certain groups on the social network
Not so long time ago, Facebook found out that some applications store personal user data. In order to stop this, Facebook made considerable corrections to its service last year. The social network claimed this error was fixed and turned to 100 software developers who could access the information. At least 11 partners accessed user data over the past 2 months, the company disclosed.
“Although we did not see any evidence of misuse, we will insist on removing any data that they could keep, and gather an audit to affirm that it was removed,” Facebook reported.
Last year, Facebook was accused of the leak of social network users' personal data. Facebook passed data on 87 million people to Cambridge Analytica analysts. The New York Times and the Observer said that Cambridge Analytica misused collected information in the interests of Donald Trump election campaign and Brexit supporters. Facebook also acknowledged that about 20 thousand of its employees had access to passwords from 200 to 600 million users. After the Cambridge Analytica scandal the company lost most of its customers and had to shut down.
Few months ago, Facebook confirmed that it had ceased over 10,000 apps after an inquiry into its ecosystem of software developers. Before that, the company paid US$5 billion to the FTC after the federal agency launched an inquiry into Facebook subsequently the Cambridge Analytica scandal.