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Felicia Tan
November 6 15:19

Google launches a new startup accelerator focused on sustainability and environment

Kate Brandt, Google’s CEO for Sustainability confirmed at the 2019 Web Summit that the technology giant launched the new accelerator project
The accelerator will operate within the framework of Google for Startups program. It aids new startups in their development and fundraising activities by using Google’s resources such as its mentors in engineering and business administration fields.
This announcement was made when more than 1,000 employees signed a petition appealed to Alphabet Chief Financial Officer Ruth Porat, inducing the business to accept some requirements related to sustainability. These requirements include the termination of partnerships and financing of partner firms that refuse to take climate-supporting measures and activities.
Another climate petition collected 2,000 signatures from Google employees in September. It claimed that in the last year the technology giant sponsored over 100 Congress members who didn't support climate legislation and were against it.
The carbon footprint level of data centers in the technology industry is “on the equal level with aviation”, as reported in the petition.
“Use of advanced technologies can solve many significant global problems, from giving other people the opportunity to access artificial intelligence to solve social problems, to moving further within the framework of environment development program and many more,” Google stated. “We can achieve a notable progress when companies and financial sector collaborate with politicians, associations, non-profit organizations and different unions.”
It was also mentioned that the new sustainability-focused accelerator will help to solve issues related to peace, justice and poverty, according to Google.
The accelerator accepts applications for startups from many European, the Middle Eastern and African nations, firstly. The new Google's project will support up to 10 startups for a half-year accelerator program in the following year. A second group of applicants will be added after.