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Felicia Tan
November 5 18:39

Singapore authority e-scooter disposal program extended

To further support the program, Singapore government created additional disposal centers
Singapore’s Land Transportation Authority has announced that it will continue its incentive program, aimed at the disposal of noncompliant electronic scooters, through December 31st.  
The incentive program, which seeks to get rid of e-scooters which do not conform to the UL2272 certification, provides their soon-to-be-former owners with a $100 incentive for trading in their scooters.
The program has resulted in the LTA receiving applications for the disposal of over 9,000 e-scooters since the incentive launched back in September. 
The extension of the program, which had its deadline moved forward by a month, is meant to encourage more people to come forward, according to the LTA. Besides prolonging the program, the government will also add over 30 disposal points to supplement convenience, which will total roughly 200 after the addition. 
Out of the 100 thousand electronic scooters that are registered in Singapore, approximately 80 000 do not conform to the UL2272 certification, and will be outlawed from all public places, including bicycle paths and park connector networks (PCNs) starting July 1st, 2020.
 As an additional move meant to address the issue and ease public concerns, Lam Pin, the Senior Minister of State Transport, has announced that starting November 5th, 2019 electronic scooters will also be prohibited from use on public footpaths. The penalty for violating this rule can land the perpetrator in jail for up to 3 months or be fined for up to $2,000 if convicted.