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Felicia Tan
November 4 08:41

American startup promised its employees raise in exchange for reducing smartphone use time

In order to US$ 200, an employee must reduce smartphone use time to 14 hours a weeks and last for at elast a month 
Startup Front began paying employees US$ 200 per month for reducing smartphone time usage, according to Business Insider with the reference to the company.
To get a raise, an employee must reduce smartphone use to 14 hours a week and last for at least a month. To confirm progress, an employee needs to send a screenshot to the HR department.
The company's CEO Matilda Collin said that for many years she has not used social networks, email on her phone and other apps. According to her, this makes her happier. Collin argues that the purpose of such an incentive is to focus on employees’ professional and personal development.
Reducing the time spent on a smartphone is not a prerequisite. But Colleen expects about 70% of employees to participate in this challenge.