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Ilya St
October 28 08:24

Don Valentine passed away

Founder of Sequoia Capital and Apple's first investor died at the of 87, the death was due to natural causes
 Don Valentine was born in New York and studied Fordham University to be a chemist. Soon he decided to move to San Francisco, where he got a job at a major military industrial company Raytheon.
He always tried to invest at least some of the available funds in technology companies. It was this kind of ambition that attracted the attention of one of the first major investment funds, Capital Group.
In 1974, Capital Group gave Valentine US$3 million to establish a Sequoia Capital venture fund. His first investments were in the only developing companies Apple and Atari.
In the 1990s, Don decided to transfer management of the fund to Michael Moritz and Doug Leone, and withdrew from the business.
The fund's largest investments were in such giant companies as Electronic Arts, Google, Cisco, Figma, Instacart, NVIDIA, YouTube and others. 
Today, Valentine is one of the most profitable venture capital companies in Silicon Valley: after the closure of its direct rival, the Venture XI Foundation, in 2014, Sequoia's revenue amounted to 41% per annum, net of commission of $3.6 billion.