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Ilya St
October 24 11:49

Grab to cancel popular subscription plans

Tech company believes consumers need more personalisation 
Grab decided to cancel its highly in-demand "all-access" and "commute" subscription plans. Those schemes offered discounts and rides for a monthly charge. Representatives stated they were conducting test on "select group"of users. Company plans to discontinue plans in December and introduce new ones.  
Grab's spokesperson reassured that company strives to offer “more tailored” options, and include a wider range of products and services based on user's consumption data. 
The initial idea of about to be cancelled subscription schemes was to "create long-term value" for consumers. This move led to attracting over one hundred thousand new users, according to Grab.
However, Grab spokesperson stated that consumers are in need of more personalisation, rather than one-size-fits-all approach. Furthermore, some users mentioned that they have not used vouchers for food delivery and would rather prefer more rides. 
It is yet unclear what Grab plans to offer instead of cancelled subscription schemes. The announcement is expected closer to December 16th.