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Ilya St
October 24 12:52

Netflix introduces mobile-only plan in Malaysia

Malaysia has been recently targeted by Netflix as a market for its new subscription product available at just MYR 17 (US $4.06). 
This plan will only be available on mobile devices and is a part of company’s plan to expand its influence over the Asian market. While the cost of the plan could be the deal-breaker, Netflix mainly counts on its technological advances to dominate over rivals. In the past Netflix forced its main competitor, Blockbuster, off the market.
Ajay Arora, Netflix Director of Product Innovation told in an interview to Tech Wire Asia “to elaborate on his view of Malaysia and India as blooming economies. He went on to explain how some of the recent updates in the mobile application improved it and made even more user-friendly”. Arora took a moment to express gratitude to the local service providers in the target markets to their valuable input into the software improvement process. 
Collaborating with large media companies like Maxis, Celcom and Digi is opening a host of opportunities for Netflix in Malaysia, with benefits like allowing the potential customers to get a subscription the same way they are getting their phone services provided. This way people who don’t own a credit card can enjoy the subscription too. 
The high standards of customer care and outstanding technological support is what continues to make Netflix one of the top players in the industry and will ensure the company’s success even in the face of rising competition, both domestically and abroad.