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Felicia Tan
October 23 22:44

Several British banks stopped using Galaxy S10 due to fingerprint scan vulnerability

Banks raised concerns over Galaxy S10 and Note 10 security, Bleeping Computer reports.
Major banks in several countries have temporarily disabled support for their mobile apps and Samsung Pay for Galaxy S10 and Note 10 due to uncovered vulnerability in the fingerprint recognition technology. 
Fingerprint scanning is used not only to unlock the smartphone, but also to approve actions in Samsung Pay and mobile banks. RBS and NatWest released statements confirming the cease for Samsung.
"We've removed the app from the Play Store for customers with Samsung S10 devices. This is due to reports that there are security concerns regarding these devices. We hope to have our app available again shortly once the issue has been resolved", tweeted the official RBS and Natwest Twitter accounts.
As of US banks, there were no statements, Forbes reports. 
In the middle of October it was reported that a simple hydrogen screen film that is glued to scanner can duplicate smartphone owner's fingerprint. Samsung admitted vulnerability and stated that due to a jelly nature of the product it "remembers" the fingerprint and unlocks the phone every time someone tries to do it.