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George Ma
Yesterday 11:33

Fallout Shelter was integrated into Tesla electric cars

And all thanks to the software update.
Tesla began distributing a fresh update, as part of which the company's branded electric cars have integrated the simulation game Fallout Shelter. In addition to this innovation, owners of electric cars were able to use the TRAX application to create music, as well as several modifications in the video mode Theater.
Thus, to launch a game driver only needs to park, select the application launch panel and find Fallout Shelter in the entertainment section.
Fallout Shelter is not the only game that can be played by Tesla owners. It is known that the list also includes Cuphead. In addition, it is assumed that in the future the range of games will be bigger.
Despite the fact that electric cars support Xbox joysticks, you can only play Fallout Shelter in Tesla using the touch screen, as the game itself is not designed for controllers.