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Riku Tanaka
May 22 17:21

Tesla drops its lawsuit against Alameda County over lockdown order

The company did not provide any reasoning for dropping the suit.
American electric carmaker, Tesla, recently withdrew a lawsuit against Alameda County of its own accord and "without prejudice," as indicated by archives registered in a California court on Wednesday (May 20). However, the organization did not outline the reasoning behind the move.
The EV manufacturer originally filed a lawsuit aimed at the county, in early May, in the midst of Tesla CEO Elon Musk's verbal tussle with the district’s authorities regarding the closing of his company's assembly plant in Fremont, California.
The lockdown measures were to come into force in the middle of March, so as to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. The county's authorities enacted closing orders for everything except "essential businesses" which were to perform only minimal operations, such as distributing paychecks. Although Tesla first fought the lockdown measures, Tesla eventually closed the plant on March 23.
Musk, who had condemned the state’s lockdown measures as "fascist," warned that he planned to relocate the firm’s assembly plant out of California. Some days later, the automaker continued operations at the industrial plant in direct contradiction of the closing orders from the Country. Musk tweeted that he would be present alongside his employees and challenged local authorities to try to come and arrest him. Soon after, Tesla's Nevada Gigafactory employees got an email that called them into work as well.
Local authorities later affirmed Tesla's plans to reopen (regardless of the fact that the organization continued work disregarding closing orders) and the tension appears to have died down. Yet, Musk is still effectively searching for an alternative place for the factory, and a few states are supposedly in the running.