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George Ma
May 21 13:34

Startup Tortoise has launched remote-controlled electric scooters in the US

Residents do not need to look for a free scooter, and the authorities do not need to hire pavement cleaners.
U.S. company Tortoise in partnership with the operator Go X began testing rental of electric scooters onremote control in the U.S, writes The Verge.
Vehicles using Xbox consoles are controlled by employees of the Mexican office of Tortoise. Scooters have four wheels (two of them for balancing), each with cameras and sensors.
Orders are placed through an application - the scooter builds a route and arrives at the specified point. The operator controls the speed and safety of the ride. Now 100 scooters are available for rent.
The co-founder of Tortoise, Dmitry Shevelenko, believes that customers will enjoy the fact that the scooters come to them personally, and the authorities will value an absence of on the roads and pavements.
Remote control helps the company to solve the problem of competitors, said The Verge. Every evening e-scooters should be collected around the city and put on charge. People who get paid for this often have fights because of limited amount of spaces. In addition, it can be difficult to find an available scooter -they are often placed in one location, rather than distributed throughout the city.
According to Crunchbase, Tortoise was created in 2019. The startup has raised funds in the form of convertible loans twice: from business angel John Danner and Plug & Play. The amount of investment is not specified.