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George Ma
May 20 09:40

Microsoft partnered with OpenAI to build a supercomputer

It will be based on the Azure cloud and is designed to train next generation massive distributed AI models.
Microsoft has developed a supercomputer for the non-profit research company OpenAI. It calls the device one of the five most powerful supercomputers in the world based on open data of the Top 500 Supercomputers rating.
Its purpose is to train the next generation of massively distributed AI models that allow you to perform more tasks such as moderating chats, analyzing performances and generating program code based on GitHub search results.
But such models require huge amounts of data, like billions of pages of publicly available text. To build and train models, you need an advanced computing infrastructure, Microsoft notes.
Supercomputer has 285,000 processor cores and 10,000 graphics processors and 400 gbps connection speed for every server. Since it is hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud, it also gets access to Azure data centres and services.