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George Ma
May 20 13:42

Microsoft introduced Project Reunion, a single development platform for Windows

It will allow developers to create applications for a billion devices running on Windows 10.
At the Build 2020 conference, Microsoft announced the Project Reunion development platform, which is designed to simplify the development of applications for Windows 10.
Previously, developers had to choose between the classic Win32 architecture, compatible with previous versions of Windows and Universal Windows Platform running on Windows 10. Brand new platform should combine Win32 and Universal Windows Platform programs' interfaces and maintain backward compatibility.
Also developers using Project Reunion will be able to update existing applications regardless of whether they are written in C++, React Native or .NET. In this case, API interfaces will be separated from the system to ensure correct operation of applications regardless of Windows 10 version.
One of the first Project Reunion components is the native WinUI 3 interface library with the help of which the application will be correctly adapted and scaled depending on the device.