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John Wang
March 31 20:18

TPG Telecom launches the cheapest commercial plan in Singapore

50 gigabytes of data for S$10.
Fourth biggest telecom company in Singapore TPG Telecom is launching its commercial services. The company also unveiled its service plan that includes 50 gigabytes for S$10 monthly.
The plan also includes 300 minutes of local calls, 30 SMS and 1 gigabyte of roaming to a limited group of countries starting May.  This is currently the cheapest data offer on the market/
The company’s acting CEO Richard Tan has stated, that the plan aims to satisfy the specific groups consumers: parents that buy the first SIM for their child’s phone, users with two or three smartphones, workers from abroad etc.
In Q2 the public might expect new offerings from TPG. However, no detail were provided. 
The plan’s launch means that users are now unable to get the company’s trial plan, that became available in 2018 and has amassed over 400 000 subscribers. The users who signed up earlier can still use the trial plan and then switch to the new service.