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George Ma
March 29 17:17

Fitness trackers data showed how people's behavior was influenced by coronavirus pandemic

Physical activity has decreased.
According to fitness trackers, it has become known how people's behavior has changed due to the pandemic of coronavirus in the U.S.
The research was done by Evidence Health. Specialists analysed the behavior of 68,000 U.S. citizens based on data from their fitness trackers. The information was taken from Apple Watch, Fitbit and Garmin devices.
As it turned out, after the quarantine U.S. citizens began to move less and sleep more. This, of course, was the expected result. However, it is important that in support of simple assumptions specialists received real data.
According to the study, the activity of New Yorkers within the first week after quarantine fell by 50%. In addition, after the introduction of emergency regime, people in the country began to sleep 20% more on average.