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George Ma
March 27 09:08

Huawei sanctioned again by U.S. authorities

Chinese tech giant is already under restrictions.
US authorities have come up with new restrictions for Huawei. It will make it harder for the company to buy microchips.
Last May, US Department of Commerce blacklisted Huawei. Since then, U.S. companies have been restricted fr om doing business with a Chinese manufacturer. Now Reuters reports that representatives of the Presidential Trump Administration have agreed to introduce additional measures to lim it global supply of microchips for Huawei.
According to new rules, foreign companies using American equipment for creating microchips will first have to obtain an American license, and only then supply their products to Huawei.
The U.S. will expand its authority to control exports from other countries. This could cause negative feelings among the country's allies, so it's not yet clear if Trump will accept the offer.