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George Ma
March 23 13:44

VIDEO: Holographic panel in China's elevator

Telegram has brought the news that holographic buttons in elevators have appeared in China. 
China has started installing holographic panels in lifts and hospitals to avoid touching and virus transfer.
Due to the coronavirus pandemic, China have invented many ways not to touch elevator button panels and terminals in public places, but the most innovative solution so far presented is a holographic technology.
In order to choose the right floor, without physical contact with a potentially dirty surface, concerned citizens used lighters, toothpicks and other items, and in some buildings even voice control systems were introduced.
However, the residents of Hefei took it to the next level and began installing special control panels with holographic images of buttons. Although this technology is not new (Google filed a patent over a decade ago), but at the moment it has not been widely used.
Easpeed took advantage of this situation and introduced contactless holographic terminals in clinics for registration and payment, as well as holographic buttons for lift panels. According to the company, after recently installing several such devices, it received over 100 orders for lift panels, each worth bout 15,000 yuan or US$2166 at the current rate.
Despite the low popularity of holographic systems, they continue to develop rapidly. Recently, scientists have developed a new three-dimensional visualization technology that can be seen, heard and even felt without a VR or AR headset.