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John Wang
March 19 18:01

TikTok reveals its new Content Council

Academics and experts will watch over the short videos.
TikTok is updating its content monitoring policy. ByteDance has revealed the new Content Advisory Council, which consists of tech and legal experts.
The Council will be led by Dawn Nunziato. He holds the position of a professor at George Washington University Law School and also leads the free speech consortium Global Internet Freedom. Nunziato is a renowned anti-censorship advocate. According to his statement, TikTok is taking its content regulation seriously and is ready to take advice on it.
Other members of the council include academics, legal experts, tech engineers and social activists. Their primary task is to ensure the balance between safety, technological priorities and free content creation.
TikTok is putting a lot of effort into its content monitoring. The service is working on attracting more advertisers, specifically premium-level companies. At the same time TikTok is trying to shake off the unwanted pressure from the US authorities. The service is under investigation as a possible national security risk. Furthermore, the Department of Defense has proposed to ban the app for all US military personnel.