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John Wang
March 16 21:14

Starbucks is closing its seating locations and going full “to go”

Starbucks is shifting all of its service to a new “to go” model. The changes are temporary and are supposed to fight the progress of the coronavirus. 
The company is closing its seating locations in all its cafes and patios. The new policy will stay in effect for two weeks or longer, depending on the situation. Starbucks is expecting the consumers to use its app for ordering, going to the drive thru services, delivery as well as traditional walk up counters. The measure is aimed primarily at following the recommendations for higher social distancing.
The company’s CEO Kevin Johnson has stated earlier, that Starbucks is looking into new efficient measures of keeping the customers and employees healthy.
The recommendation to avoid big social gathering has been issued by the US authorities. Public locations, such as schools and shopping malls, will remain closed for some time. The communities who were most impacted by the pandemic will also be quarantined.