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George Ma
March 15 10:45

U.S. startup Neural Magic accused Facebook of stealing technology

The company algorithm was stolen by its former employee and made available for free on GitHub.
Startup Neural Magic, which helps to develop AI on conventional processors, accused Facebook and its former employee of illegally using its own technology. Silicon Canals writes about it.
Neural Magic technology increases the computational power of conventional processors and saves on the purchase of more expensive equipment (graphics and tensor processors) with creating machine learning models.
In the lawsuit, representatives of Neural Magic said that former startup employee Alexander Zlateski, who joined Facebook in July 2019, gained access to trade secrets and other confidential information, including the company's business plans.
Zlateski was also one of the few people allowed to develop software and source code for his compiler. He signed a nondisclosure agreement before his dismissal, the publication notes.
The company believes that Facebook used their development in its own AI projects. The social network also published part of the code on GitHub and provided free access to it.
In January 2020, the company asked Facebook and a former employee to remove code fragments from GitHub, but they refused. Neural Magic fears that Zlateskyi may supply Facebook with even more commercial information that would harm the startup, Fortune notes.
In November 2019, the startup raised US$15 million as part of the sowing round. Among the investors are Comcast Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz and others.