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John Wang
March 11 17:34

Huawei can stay in US for 45 more days

The license is extended once again.
US authorities have allowed Huawei to keep doing business with US companies for 45 more days. New license will expire on May 15 2020.
According to previous decision, the Chinese telecom behemoth had to leave its US ventures on April 1. When the license expires, Huawei will be officially blacklisted and barred from buying any tech components or entering in almost any forms of partnership with American companies. The decision has been taken after the investigation, which concluded that Huawei has strong ties with the Chinese government and uses its tech to illegally collect data. 
The decision impacts all subdivisions of Huawei operations. Its phone production is likely to be undermined by the American ban, since Huawei smartphones will lose all Android updates. At the moment the company is working with Indian developers to create alternative services.
In 2018 Australian government also banned Huawei from doing business with Australian telecommunication companies. Other countries, including United Kingdom, Germany and Japan, were looking into Huawei’s security, yet decided to allow the company to continue its work.